Managing Chemical Risk

Chemical Management

The effective management of product safety is a key element to the integrity and sustainability of any successful global brand. The product safety landscape is rapidly changing with global regulations controlling the safety of retailed consumer products increasing significantly in recent years. Additional influencers such as the NGO community, in particular groups such as Greenpeace (where toxic chemistry is a key agenda item) are also driving change. A proactive approach to product safety ensuring that global regulations and NGO expectations are met is key for a brand to avoid exposure and associated consequences such as reputational damage and litigation.

Effective management of restricted chemicals within a value chain containing many tiers of supplier requires significant resource and specialist knowledge around chemistry.

BLC has a specialist team of chemists and regulatory specialists that works with all stakeholders in the supply chain support around chemical management to ensure that suppliers are compliant to their customers restricted substance requirements.

At BLC Technology Solutions we can help to ensure that wherever you sit in the supply chain you are confident with managing chemical risk. Specific services include training and education, setting relevant and current chemical content specifications, legislation updates, NGO engagement advice and specific programme support (such as ZDHC) and supplier risk mapping around chemical inputs. We can support with replacement of upstream hazardous chemistry and design testing and due diligence programmes to suit your business and manage risk.