chromium(vi) heat ageing

ISO have recently announced a new standard for chromium VI (chrome VI/Cr6) heat ageing in leather (ISO 10195:2018). This new standard applies to organisations who manufacture leather and leather goods and has been published for the thermal pre-ageing procedure which assesses the ability for chrome VI to form within the leather (“chrome VI heat ageing test”).

Thermal pre-aging procedure based on the end use of leather

This new international chrome VI thermal pre-ageing procedure does not simulate any real condition in leather production or use and is applicable to all types of chromium tanned leather.

The standard is used to test leather samples against two sets of conditions which are given as options depending on the end use of the leather:

Method Conditions Recommended Use
A1 24 hours at 60 ±2 ºC and relative humidity less than 20% General purpose ageing for leathers not subjected to critical conditions in manufacturing and/or transportation (gloves, garments, leather goods, handmade or fashion articles)
A2 24 hours at 80 ±2 ºC and relative humidity less than 10% Ageing for leathers subjected to critical conditions in manufacturing and/or transportation (footwear, automotive, upholstery)


Sample Submission for Chrome VI Heat Ageing

Are you submitting leather for chrome VI heat ageing? If so, you need to state which set of ageing conditions you would like the leather to be tested to (option A1 or A2).

If the end-use of the leather is not known, BLC advise testing to conditions A2 which are the most stringent and provides a wider scope for end use.

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Further information on Chrome VI testing.

ISO 10195:2018 – International Standard for Chromium VI (Chrome 6) Heat Ageing in Leather