Nickel Testing and Analysis

What is nickel?

Nickel is a metallic chemical element, classified among the transition metals on the periodic table of elements. Nickel is most commonly used in jewellery and apparel as the major use of nickel is in the preparation of alloys. Nickel alloys are characterized by strength, ductility, and resistance to corrosion and heat.

The risks…

Although not toxic, the exposure to nickel in certain products which are intended to come into direct and prolonged skin contact, such as jewellery, may cause sensitization of humans to nickel and may lead to allergic reactions, known as the “nickel itch” in sensitized individuals.

Why you need nickel testing and analysis

EN 1811 is the internationally recognised nickel testing and analysis method used to determine the rate of nickel release from jewellery, other items. The nickel test was devised to assess whether articles comply with the requirements of the EU Nickel Directive.

Why choose BLC to conduct your nickel testing and analysis?

  • One of the fastest nickel testing and analysis laboratories in Europe
  • Experts in nickel testing and compliance – over 90 years experience
  • Technical support and guidance if and when failures occur
  • Solutions to cleanse and reduce toxic chemicals from your supply chain
  • Expert advice and solutions on legislation and supply chain compliance
  • Access to chemical supply chain specifications